Exhibition catalogue for Tate Publishing (2015). In collaboration with William Hall.

Romford Stencil
Typeface inspired by Brexit (2017). Romford Stencil can be purchased on MyFonts.

Second part of a forum about the fourth estate utopias at the Royal College of Art (2017). In collaboration with ACED.

Research publication on the electorate's decision-making process regarding Brexit (2017).

MA dissertation and book design about critically engaged graphic design (2017).

Publication for Book Futures Lab at the Royal College of Art (2017). Read more about the project.

Sound map for the Royal College of Art graduate exhibition (2016).

Artist’s book inspired by a political pamphlet from 1925 (2015).

Poster publication analysing national newspaper headlines in the UK (2017). It was distributed during the Work In Progress exhibition at the Royal College of Art.

Installation about the 1975 and 2016 referendums on UK's membership of the EU (2017).

Research publication on the crisis in Ukraine (2014).

Speculative design proposal for referendum and election ballots (2016).

Poster problematising political communication (2016). It was part of a research project presented during the RDP symposium at the Royal College of Art. It was also exhibited at the Graphic Design Festival Scotland (2016).

Book for writer Niamh McCooey (2016).

Forum about the fourth estate utopias at the Royal College of Art (2017). In collaboration with The Common Affairs.

Artist’s book of a poem by Bernard Mandeville (2013).

Paula Minelgaitė is a graphic designer based in London, UK. As a print, editorial, type design and research practitioner she uses dialogic methods of working which, for her, means that conversation and listening well are key in her process. She is interested in political, social and cultural communication.

Paula graduated from the Royal College of Art with MA in Visual Communication in 2017. She is part of ACED, an international and interdisciplinary platform for design and journalism. Paula is a key tutor in the Alternative Art School strand in BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Kingston University.

If you’d like to work with me on a project, or simply get in touch you can contact me via

CV and Portfolio available upon request.

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